MEGAN, DABABY: The Beef Is Sizzling!

They're tangling on Twitter, and everybody's getting in on the action.

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

I wouldn't want to go into battle against Meg -- she's relentless.

If DaBaby can make nice with Tory, he can mend fences with Meg, too.

Everybody blames the Illuminati -- but what have they ever done to you?

The drama started when DaBaby "liked" a tweet praising "SKAT," his new collabo with his one-time enemy Lanez, which said, "I guess @DaBabyDaBaby and @torylanez cool now bc the both shot somebody and don't have to do no jail time."

Meg jumped in, tweeting, "Support me in private and publicly do something different…these industry men are very strange. This situation ain’t no damn “beef” and I really wish people would stop down playing it like it’s some internet [stuff] for likes and retweets."

DaBaby wasted no time playing the "it wasn't me" card, saying that it must have been some "Illuminati [stuff] Twitter got goin on. Then once ppl start tagging me & I saw it and tried to delete it and undo the retweet Twitter didn't let me." (Complex)

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