T.I.: Announces New and Final Album

The video for “What It’s Come To” addresses the very serious real life allegations against the rapper and his wife.

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

If I’m his lawyer, I’m telling this guy to pull this down and log off now.

He has every right defend his and his family's name and honor. He's innocent until proven guilty.

If nothing else, this controversy should help build some interest around his next release that might not be there otherwise.

Tip announced plans for a project called Kill The King by posting a video for a new song called “What It’s Come To.” The lyrics address his real life legal battles, with T.I. doubling down on his intent to clear his and his family’s names against sexual assault allegations by multiple accusers. The video features a reference to one particular accuser, T.I. and Tiny’s former friend Sabrina Paterson, who is referred to as “the parasite” and is depicted as something of a ringleader orchestrating the downfall of T.I.

The clip ends by promising that Kill The King, T.I.’s “final album” is coming soon.