A Boogie's New Album 'Artist 2.0' Is His Most Authentic Project Yet

A Boogie Wit da Hoodie's latest album, Artist 2.0, is his reintroduction to the world.

For the Bronx native's third LP, Boogie explored a new sound, but one that is the truest to him.

On the 20-track project, which features Young Thug, Roddy Ricch, Gunna, London On Da Track, DaBaby, Trap Manny, Summer Walker, Khalid, and Lil Uzi Vert, the 24-year-old rapper, born Artist Julius Dubose, gives fans a look at who he really is — hence the name of the project.

While A Boogie said he's usually known for his "melodic sound," Artist 2.0 is multifaceted, like himself, and it explores different genres, including rock, R&B, and even some jazz. "You don't know what you get out of this one. This sound is different on this album," A Boogie told iHeartRadio in an exclusive interview.

To hear what else A Boogie had to say about his most authentic project to date, check out his full interview below.

What story does Artist 2.0 tell?

It tells a story of growth [in terms of my] sound, quality and lifestyle.

What do you want fans to take away from the project?

I want fans to get a big relief out of this album. Whatever pain they're going through in their life it's like, nothing matters anymore, it's the past.

What song on the album means the most to you, and why?

The song that means the most to me is "Streets Don't Love You." Making that song, it was kinda painful, but talking about it got me through it.

Artist is your birth name. What made you decide to name the album after yourself?

At first, I wanted my name to be Artist as a rapper, but I didn't know how people would look at it and if would stand out because Artist is labeled artist, you know? So it was like A Boogie wit da Hoodie stands out, but now I'm transforming to Artist basically on this album.

Let’s talk about features. This album has some of the biggest names in the game right now —Young Thug, Roddy Ricch, Gunna, and DaBaby, to name a few. What was it like working with those artists?

Yeah, it was amazing working on this album when it came to features. The features I got are kind of amazing 'cause it's people I always wanted to work with and people that I really connect with.

How would you describe your journey in the music industry? You went from dropping music on Soundcloud just a few years ago to becoming one of the rising stars in hip hop.

Yeah, to start from SoundCloud was amazing 'cause it's like, in the beginning, you're just a kid experimenting. It's like going home and doing homework and throwing it out there the next day to see how the teacher responds, you know? And making it from there to here on a more business aspect, it's like, damn, how did I do this sh*t man? It's crazy!

How have you grown as an artist over the years?

I feel like I've grown but I'm still in the process of growing.

This conversation has been edited for clarity and length.

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