Lil’ Kim Faces Off With Animal Rights Protestors In Manhattan

PETA stepped to the wrong one.

On Tuesday (October 9), Lil' Kim squared off with an animal rights protestor in New York City after a group of PETA supporters ambushed her while she was heading into an interview.

“Animals get electrocuted!… Lil’ Kim stop wearing fur!” the female protester, who was also holding up a sign that read, “Lil Kim animal abuser,” yelled at the "Go Awff" rapper as soon as she arrived to Build Studio, Page Six reports.

As Kim made her way out of her vehicle, the woman continued to provoke her, moving closer and closer yelling, “Stop wearing fur! Stop wearing fur!” as other protesters shouted, “Shame on you!” However, as the situation escalated, Kim remained calm and stood her ground, even stepping to the protestor, telling her to “Back up, back up, back up, back up."

That's when security stepped in, holding Lil' Kim back and attempted to silence the protestor by taking away her sign and pushing her away from the "The Jump Off" rapper. However, the animal rights activist's shrieking only intensified as she continued to yell, “Stop wearing fur. Shame on you – leave the animals alone!”

Ultimately, the incident ended with bodyguards ushering a seemingly unbothered Lil' Kim into the building as protestors continued to yell outside. The 45-year-old rapper was so unmoved by the demonstration, she even stopped to sign autographs before entering the building.

According to The Blast, the protestors were all with animal rights group PETA.

Photo: Getty Images