Tami Roman Pokes Fun At Cardi B's Pregnancy Rumors, Rapper Claps Back

Cardi B didn't think that Tami Roman's latest "Bonnet Chronicles" video was very funny. So, the rapper called out the "Basketball Wives" star's clip on social media. 

If you're familiar with Roman's funny IG series, she cracks jokes and/or tells the realness about certain pop culture scenarios or anything that's on her mind. During her latest "Bonnet Chronicles" video, Roman decided to speak about the rumors of "Bartier Cardi" rapper potentially being pregnant with Offset's baby. As Roman spoke about pics where Cardi looked like she was expecting, the reality TV star poked some fun at the recording artist. 

After seeing the video, Cardi posted a message on social media slamming Roman for having her name in her mouth. “I don’t ever talk about other people! I be talking my s**t but not about others specially [sic] if i don’t know you… Whyyyy is my name in your f**king mouth?" Cardi wrote. "Do i make you a check? Do i f**k you? Am i eating your p***y? Am i helping you find a job? So why Cardi B be in your f**king mouth?”

See that message below and slide right for the original video Cardi is speaking about. 


When Roman caught wind of Cardi's response, she commented on the rapper's unexpected anger. “I always hear and read ppl saying the same thing, so honestly I felt that was an old topic. LOL,” Roman began. “But really it wasn’t that serious. I always uplift her & her sister but she didn’t choose those things to respond to. It’s no beef so no response is necessary on my end.” See that comment below. 

Photo: Getty Images


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