Crafting: Poppy the Troll Crochet Hat

My neice loved the Troll's movie, so when she saw this Poppy the Troll hat, I had to make it for her.  You can find the pattern here:

The hat itself is fairly easy to make if you are familiar with crochet.  The hair however, whooooooo eeeeee, the hair is a bit of doozie.  It took me two days to make the hair, and I even had my mom helping me split the yarn.  It was tedious to make, but the end results look exactly like a troll dolls so I'm not complaining too much.  Plus, my neice loved it!

I've included some pictures of the hat under process, and the finished product.  Bonus pic of my mom modeling it for me before she got on a plane to Germany to deliver it to my neice.  


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