Leave It to Beaver's Jerry Mathers Loses 55 lbs After Diabetes Diagnosis

I always loved watching Leave It to Beaver when I was kid, and thought the Beav was just the cutest! As happens to the best of us, Jerry Mathers had to grow up though, and eventually found himself overweight and diagnosed with diabetes.  Thankfully, he was able to get control of it...

Jerry Mathers owned a successful catering business in Hollywood in 1997 when he received a devastating diagnosis from his doctor.

Mathers, 69, told Fox News doctors told him he only had three to five years to live if he didn’t manage his Type 2 diabetes.

In addition to being diabetic, Mathers was diagnosed with high blood pressure and bad cholesterol. 

He began working out and lost 55 lbs. after selling his catering company. “I’ve been controlling my weight with diet and exercise ever since,” he said. “I walk every day about 6-8 miles. And I am now pre-diabetic because of that… dying from diabetes is a terrible way to go. It’s a really horrible death. It basically burns different parts of your body.”

Read more: http://people.com/bodies/jerry-mathers-weight-loss/

And here's a clip of Mathers talking about how the name "Beaver" came about.  I always wondered!



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