Wait a minute! Did Kenya Moore secretly get married? Inquiring minds want to know because of a photo that's recently surfaced on social media. 

Tamara Tattles caught the "Real Housewives Of Atlanta" star at an exotic location in St. Lucia. The picture shows Moore in a wedding dress, as she happily looks into the eyes of the man that she's been dating for eight months.

The site reports: “A Tamara Tattles spy has sent photographs which appear to show Kenya getting married. […] I know for a fact that the couple has been at Sugar Beach the new hot spot at the foot of Pitons for several days. The thing that pushed this story over the edge for me is that Kenya’s best friend Brandon Deshazer was there.”

If this picture is really of her wedding, that would mean that Moore quickly got over her previous boyfriend with Matt Jordon. If you've been keeping up-to-date with her love life, Moore was in a very tumultuous relationship with Jordon. He's broken car and garage windows of Moore's when he got mad at her, as well as kicked doors down in rooms that she was in. Moore has never confirmed that he's physically abused her.

Moore has yet to confirm or deny that she's a newlywed. But, she has been posting other pics of her at the island getaway. Take a look at them below. 

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If Moore really is a new wife, congrats! She definitely deserves this happiness. 

Photo: Getty Images